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When Lindsey reached out to me about bringing CGR to Alberta, I was so excited!  Having pondered this for a few years, and knowing Lindsey's heart and passion for this work, it was just the easiest decision to jump in with both feet and four hooves to collaborate and offer prairie ladies the same magic.

I try to balance my many different loves of all things Equine; farrier, trainer, clinician, and fine artist with an all pervading love for empowering and encouraging others to follow that Dream Call, those talents longing to come out to be expressed for us others to enjoy and celebrate and then they continue that way showing for others on down the line. This for me is the essence of CGR, truly it's reason for being and I feel extraordinarily blessed to have been given this opportunity to

Stefanie Travers

do so.  To be a part of such a magnificent team of kindred spirits in Big Sky Country, exploring what is means to be fully and gloriously a woman with a horse...well, I am just so excited!


I grew up on a beef farm in Eastern Ontario, from an early age I longed to be around horses and always dreamt of the west, wide open spaces, and big skies. I got my first horse at the age of 12, after much thought about maybe I should just start riding that quiet cow. As my parents and dear friends would say "The call of the West was strong for me".  In 2006, I packed up my bags and headed West! 

My heart has always been drawn to horses, and always eager to keep learning. I am a lifelong student of their bodies, minds, and hearts. During my gypsy boots years, I worked for a variety of different people and many different horses; from colt starting, to ranch work, to guiding people in the mountains, to simply connecting with my own horses, it was all a beautiful learning

process that led me to opening my business "Two Hearts One Beat Horsemanship" in 2013.

In this space I focus on teaching horsemanship, colt starting and problem solving. I am passionate about helping horses and riders build confident and trusting relationships. Specifically, working with the rider to expand their communication skills with their horse. I love lifting people up, cheering them on, giving them confidence, and joy. I laugh a lot, once even won an award for "most contagious laugh." 

Like everyone in this life, we come up against challenging situations that we must overcome. Through my experiences, after having children and having a close call coming off a colt. I became familiar with fear and have come to understand it in a way that would not have been possible prior to. For me, I feel like this has been a blessing in disguise. I now understand the real embodied emotion of fear, and this allows me to help people rebuild their confidence in themselves and their horse in a grounded and heart centered way. 

I have found a focus on liberty work establishes trust and connection, building confidence in both horse and rider. Liberty truly opens the lines of communication by giving our horses the freedom to express themselves while teaching us to become in tune with their bodies, minds, and hearts. Just like with music we can detect when something is out of tune. Horses in a herd are all in tune with each other and live in the present moment, which means to be part of the harmony we need to be aware of our internal emotions. Liberty allows us to tune in to our horses; working on our breath, calmness, and the energy we are radiating, to becoming someone our horses choose to be with. " 

I am so thankful to be able to work with the horses through my business.  It is my honor to spread their magic and joy, medicine; to me, horses are my "medicine" and I hope to share that gift with as many people as possible. 

If your heart calls you to horses, I would love to help you along your journey at the Cowgirl Re-Union Alberta!

Why the Cowgirl Re-Union Alberta: 

     Women to motivate each other 

      Lift each other up, be each other's cheerleaders 

      Be open to listen to each other with open hearts without judgment 

      Build a safe community with like-minded cowgirls 

      To slow down and breath, remember who you are 

      To reconnect with yourself, your dreams, your horse, friends, and nature 

      Stop and enjoy the simple things in life 

      To ride, be free, smile, and have good belly laughs! 


Lindsey Fraser Loose

owgirl Team


Janelle Cameron

I was born and raised on a beef and grain farm and was lucky enough to always have horses around.  And horse crazy I was.  I would often ride as often and as long as I could.  I currently compete in and enjoy ranch ropings and ranch rodeos.

In 2015 I graduated from the University of Alberta with a Kinesiology Degree specializing in Sport Performance.  I am certified through Canadian Organization (CSEP) as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. It is exciting

for me to have mixed my passion for horses with my passion for training people and to share my understanding of what works well and scientifically WHY it works well when it comes when it comes to horse and rider.


My goals for this clinic is for you to have some fun with your horse and maybe with some new and old friends.  For you to learn and experience how COOL your body is.  For you to have a safe place to learn and support for the changes that you are making.  To create at least one "A ha!" moment.  I'm so excited to work with you and discover where we will end up!


Dale Layton

I have loved horses for as long as I can remember, they may be one of the few thing to trump my love of photography.  

I grew up a small-town girl in central Alberta with a passion for horses, photography, and travel.  I worked in the oilfield in Alberta and BC for over a decade which gave me ample subjects and unique lighting to play with.  Settling in Penhold has given me the opportunity to explore photography from a new perspective; brandings are much more fun than rigs to photograph.  

While the western lifestyle really catches my lens, capturing people's passions in a moment which become a memory they can look back on is what keep me reaching for the next photo.  I look forward to meeting new people.  To see more of Dale's work visit:


Naomi Wycherley

I get such joy from seeing people happy and succeeding which lead me to my career choice of becoming a transformational Life Coach.  Most recently I received my certification in EFL work.  I love helping others tap into their essence and draw out their personal power and their hidden gifts.  I am a highly sensitive intuitive empath (yikes lol) and I navigate the world energetically which is probably the biggest reason I am so drawn and comfortable with animals.  I have been horse crazy for as long as I can remember so bringing horses into the work I do has been a dream come true.

I am looking so forward to meeting you and spending time exploring your dreams and desires!

For more info please visit my site at

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