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To create a safe, balanced, open space of connection for women who love horses and maybe need to love, listen to, and cherish themselves more.  With play, slowing down, deepening, connecting, stepping into, and expanding as vital by-words, CGR recognizes that our deep love of our horses' has the ability to reflect truths back to us and hold us safely as we transform.


In these times we have all been trying to navigate with our sanity intact.  Perhaps you've been feeling a deep longing for authentic connection:

To yourself...with all the myriad of demands upon most of us women by family, work, obligations that often leave self-care and time to refuel one's self-scarce or worse...non-existent.

Connection back to your horse, this animals presence that is in your life because our soul demands it. They keep you sane, and lift our spirits...yet why do even they take a back seat to other "life" demands?

To other women who "get it". Connection to new friends and old in such a transparent open, raw, and spontaneously real way that as women in the current time we simply do not do.  Historically women spent large amounts of time in all woman groups and shared intimately, co-supporting, enriching, hearing, sharing in safety and emboldening one another and this ancient, deeply intrinsic calling still lies within.

The Cowgirl Re-Union, or simply The Re-Union (or CGR) as it is affectionally called these days is a truly Extraordinary Event that seeks to do exactly as the name means.  To be a Re-Union of self in mind, heart, spirit, with and through our deep resonance with our horses.  Over the years, this has proven to be the real deal...the magic maker...the often life-changing...often messy...constantly surprising and deeply affecting 4 days that creates lasting shifts and deepened joy with the horse and self.  And with ladies returning year after year to be with these special friends and recharging energies as well as creating new authentic friends it is a rare and beautiful gift to oneself.

One thing is for sure though, this event will get in, stir you, open you, surprise you, and gift you in ways you cannot predict.  It is whole hearted and all in.

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Stefanie began riding at 5 years of age on Vancouver Island, and has spent virtually every day since on a horse's back.  Her entire life has been shaped and molded by her love of horses and art.  Farrier, trainer/learner and ardent philosopher of the horse, she has been exploring the deep soul connection we feel to these remarkable creatures since she could walk.  Her early years were spent in English attire and jumping till the first job was running off to Spruce Meadows, then cattle station work in the Australian outback, guide outfitting, and training for neighbors, farrier school in 2001 with that becoming a large career until she finally followed her heart song to the southern interior of BC, training colts and evolving into teaching.  Always shy and reserved, it was through the horses themselves she discovered the joy of sharing and co-inspiring as a teacher, particularly the exploration of the Big 3:  Feel, Timing, and Balance.  She has a passion and reverence for the Old Californio Style of horsemanship; the slow, soft, balanced way of developing a horse into a powerful and assured partner that allows her to constantly be challenged, humbled, and growing.

In 2013, her long ignored passion for art came stomping up from the basement simply demanding to be expressed, and has become a balance point to all the horse work, yet so similar in feel, challenges, and the deep exploration of self.  Indeed, it is the exploration of self, trusting oneself, and expressing it out into the world fearlessly (well...there is always some fear :)) and sparkling that in others that has become her most heartfelt gift to share with listen to ones heart, to follow it's longings, and dig deep for ones Truth.  Stef currently lives in Kamloops BC with her horses and ever present Grate Dane or gypsying around in the Palomino Palace following the crumb trails of her heart.

For all things Stef please go to

Stefanie Travers

Farrier | Coach | Trainer | Artist




Krista Kay


I was raised downtown in the heart of one of the busiest cities in Canada! I was a back-alley-tom-boy, my baseball hat turned backwards, ripped jeans tucked into high socks inside old hole infested runners.  With giddy up in my step the unrelenting concrete jungle became my imaginary pasture.

I was horse crazy from the age of two, when for a brief time we lived on a farm in the country. I used to scare the beJesus out of my mother by sneaking down to the barnyard to be alone amongst the horses we boarded. That’s when it all started, the connection, the yearning to be with these magnificent animals. I was blessed to have parents who recognized my passion and fed my curiosity with weekly lessons and summer horse camp, from there the desire to make horses my whole life was sparked.

In 1989 I travelled to Spain where I was first acquainted with my heart-breed, the Andalusian. These magnificent horses were always a part of my fairytale as a young girl, I was in awe of them in baroque paintings and in movies and wanted to know more. When the flames were fanned in Spain I made it my quest to have these horses in my life. On my return to Canada I found a local breeder and started to raise Azteca’s and Spanish Normans. My love for these horses is based on their innate ability to hold space for their human. Intelligent, curious, fun, full of life force and a need for connection makes them the perfect horse for me.

Combining my two favourite things, horses and photography, I have been facilitating self-esteem photography workshops for the past 10 years.  In my workshops we hold space for the special connection women have with these magnificent animals.  In a safe and playful place we are able to hone the love and softness that comes with sharing life with our equine partners, this is where we create art and memories.


I call the Okanagan home and live on a ranch with my partner and his two daughters, my beautiful dog Lily, and my little herd of Andalusians. My other passions include being in nature, gardening and spending time with special friends. 


I look forward to our journey together and meeting you soon.  To see more from Krista please visit


XOX   Krista 


Naomi Wycherley

I know from personal experience that my thinking, limiting beliefs, and attitude kept me from achieving many things throughout my life.  I had no self-love, low self-worth, and spent every day suffering and in despair.  Add to that a highly sensitive  personality trait and I just felt like I didn't belong anywhere and no one understood me.  

My own personal growth journey has led me down the most beautiful (and sometimes excruciating) path to self-love, empowerment, healing, forgiveness, and unbelievable growth.  Along the way I discovered how out of balance my masculine and feminine energies were. It was here that I realized I was burnt out and hardened from overidentifying with my masculine for so long that I was disconnected from my feminine qualities.  Now that I have learned to harmonize my M/F (and horses were a huge part of this) I feel powerful and feminine and can consciously shift back and forth with grace between my M/F qualities when I need.

On a professional level, I am intuitive master life coach for those wishing to improve the quality of their life.  Whether you are seeking results in your career or personal life (or both) I can help you develop skills, clarity, and tools to help you achieve your goals, and  help you discover your strengths, step into your personal power, overcome resistance, and create breakthroughs to transform you life.  You will shift your attitude, see possibility where you once saw obstacles, dissolve limiting beliefs and create strong boundaries to live a healthy empowered life you've been dreaming of.  It's time to live your purpose and get obsessed with your new life!


I created a 30 day program "The Self-Love Project", implementing a 360° MIND - BODY - SOUL approach to wellness which includes healthy eating and moving your body to improve mood and overall vitality.

Most recently, I accomplished a life long dream of bringing my love for helping others find their strengths and my love for horses together to offer amazing life skills and skills development programs.  Improve mental health, emotional health and overall well-being through meaningful interactions with horses.  For more info about Naomi's work visit

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