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I have had the extreme pleasure of experiencing the Cowgirl Reunion twice. Both times were absolutely fantastic. Each year was packed full of amazing people, learning experiences beyond the norm, great food, beautiful scenery, and horses.

The first year I went I was way beyond my comfort zone and, as a 57 year old who had been struggling to pick up a sport I'd left behind in my 20's, feeling as though I had no business hanging out with all those "real" horsewomen. To
top it all off, my mare was high strung, feeding off my inner turmoil and we ended up in a bit of a mess. But, Stefanie, her staff, and all of the guests were super supportive. I had a real break through and wound up learning so very much about myself and my horse. It was a life changing experience -- I went back the very next year!



I tried for several years to get myself to the cowgirl reunion. When the stars finally aligned, the timing could not have been more perfect.

When a group of women come together with their horses and open hearts, stuff happens!
My little mare and I were still very much in the getting to each other stage of our relationship, and things were a little messy.

I came home knowing we have so much to look forward to. Our connection and understanding will only get better, and adventures await! Thank-you to everyone who came into our lives over those four days, sharing your wisdom, insight, and humour 



I connected with my horse, some amazing women and myself at last year’s Cowgirl Reunion in a way I can’t imagine having done anywhere else, or with anyone else. Stef and her amazing crew have created a safe, fun and enlightened space for both horses and women. I loved it!

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